• by Chesterfield County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Scott Miles We have a lot of pent-up demand for progressive legislative action from our new majority, including the ERA, education funding, access to affordable healthcare, gun control, LGBTQ protections, environmental justice … and criminal justice reform. Please indulge me while I comment on the issue addressed by Senate Bill

  • There is only one single reported instance in the entire country of a juvenile sentenced to life without parole for a case not involving homicide or rape–and it wasn’t in a conservative place like Texas, Oklahoma, or Alabama; it was right here in progressive Arlington, Virginia. As we head into these important elections for Commonwealth’s

  • Over the last couple years, the Virginia Department of Corrections has made the news headlines, and not in a good way: There was the death of Jamycheal Mitchell while in the custody of the Hampton Roads Regional Jail, where he was being held awaiting mental health treatment after being arrested for stealing a Mountain Dew,

  • The Commonwealth’s Attorney is a strange role. Because the county or local government is essentially their client (i.e. cases are named Arlington County vs. John Doe), it’s an elected position. Voters who perceive that their communities have a problem with crime (maybe because the news and tv skews their perception) are likely to vote for

  • Last year after tracking bills throughout the General Assembly session, VAPLAN had this *great* idea to make a scorecard, summarizing how progressive–or not–the legislators were, based on the bills that we’d been following. Apparently, although special interest groups often create scorecards for particular issues like the environment or business, there wasn’t really one that crossed

  • Guest Writer: Hassan AhmadDemocratic Candidate, VA House District 87HASSAN FOR VIRGINIA On January 17, 2019 the Republican majority of the Virginia Senate voted to pass SB1156, a bill to ostensibly prohibit restriction of enforcement of federal immigration laws. It now heads to the Counties, Cities, and Towns Committee in the House of Delegates. If they

  • Support HB 1686, The Renewables First Act (RFA), which will place a moratorium on constructing new fossil fuel electric generation capacity until renewable energy generation facilities with 5,500 megawatts capacity are in operation in Virginia. Guest blogger: Karel Svoboda, Zero Carbon Virginia Virginia’s electricity is generated by burning polluting coal and gas (fossil fuels), which produces heat-trapping

  • We hear a lot of numbers thrown around about what Dominion charges us ratepayers for electricity. Dominion execs report (and many of our legislators repeat) that residential rates are “cheaper than every East Coast state to our north, and … very competitive among Southern states.” In contrast, the Virginia Poverty Law Center estimates that “Virginia

  • Thursday was the big reveal of One Virginia 2021’s Citizens Constitutional Amendment Drafting Commission proposal for redistricting amendment. For those of you who don’t know, in order to change our current method of drawing districts (where it’s left up to the General Assembly) with a constitutional amendment, a resolution has to pass in the 2019 General