A coalition of grassroots groups working to impact legislation in Richmond and support our progressive representatives, by empowering members with information about bills introduced in the VA General Assembly and opportunities for engagement with legislators.

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The Veto Project

Many bills passed in the General Assembly this year that will improve Virginians lives, including several we made calls asking our legislators to support. There are a handful, though, that got through despite our opposition, and that don’t move Virginia forward.

So let’s make our voices heard one more time this year--and let’s have a little fun doing it! Pick one from the list (or find one of your own), and send the Governor a “veto pen” of your choice, and a note telling him why you oppose this bill, and why you think he should veto it. The more personal your note, the better--if you can tell Governor Northam how this bill will affect you, your family, or your neighbor or friend, this is the most persuasive argument you can make.

Visit our list of bills for inspiration