House ACNR Sub-Committee #1 to consider
Animal tethering in extreme temperatures
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Tethering animals; outdoor tethering of companion animals, definitions of adequate shelter and space
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PLEASE call or email the Delegates on this subcommittee, and the Chair, and ask them to support a version of SB872 that prohibits animals from being chained or tethered in extreme temperatures. This bill will be heard in this Subcommittee Monday February 26th at 4pm.
SB872 as originally written on behalf of the Humane Society of the United States, would prohibit dogs from being tethered or chained outside under extreme temperatures (below 32 degrees or above 85 degrees).There are other requirements in the original bill about the length and weight of the tether.

This bill, after passing the Senate 33-7, was sent to the House and was amended by this subcommittee and stripped of the most important provisions--the restriction on tethering during extreme temperatures--before reporting to the full committee. The full committee, not wanting to vote on it in its current stripped down form, sent it back to this subcommittee to re-hear.

We need to make our voices heard that it is cruel, inhumane, and dangerous to chain an animal outside under extreme temperatures. We must call on the subcommittee to restore the original provisions of this bill and protect animals from this kind of torture.
Senator Lionel Spruill (D-5)
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