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Firefighters and EMTs carrying concealed handguns
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Firefighters and emergency medical services providers; carrying a concealed handgun
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!! Urgent !! The Senate has already passed this bill. And it has passed out of the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee this week. Now SB715 will be going to the House floor most likely on Tuesday February 27.

Please call or email your Delegate, especially if your Delegate is a Republican or doesn't have a strong voting record on gun violence prevention. (For example, John Bell has twice voted for this bill already, in subcommittee and committee. If he's your Delegate, please call him and ask him to vote against the bill on the floor.)
SB 715 would allow firefighters and emergency medical services personnel to carry a concealed handgun without a permit, while engaged in the performance of their official duties.

This can be highly dangerous, especially when firefighters and EMTs enter situations that are already unstable. This blurs the line between providing medical care and assisting police. Right now, firefighters have the utmost trust, and are considered the "good guys" in every situation they enter--but once they are armed, they no longer have that trust.

Additionally, what are the legal ramifications if a firefighter kills or injures an aggressor, or worse, a patient, a bystander, a fellow responder? Right now, with Trump suggesting arming teachers and school personnel, we really do not need more instances of concealed handguns.
Senator Amanda Chase (R-11)
Call and/or Email your Delegate to OPPOSE SB715 !!
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