House Subcommittee #1 on Education to consider
School meal policies
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Local school boards; school meal policies
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!! URGENT !! Hearing on this bill is 4pm on Monday February 19. Call to urge your Delegate, the Committee Chair, and Committee Members especially Republicans to SUPPORT this bill. If you can’t get through by phone, leave voicemail and/or email.

This bill has already passed the full Senate, but similar bills have been killed in subcommittee in the House. Make some noise!!
This bill would prevent schools from identifying or stigmatizing children who are unable to pay for lunch or who owe cafeteria debt; would prohibit the school from assigning children chores to pay off lunch debt; and would require school boards to communicate any information about school lunch debt solely to the parents, by means of a letter sent home with the child.

It is cruel and inhumane to subject any child to shaming over school lunch debt. We must adopt laws that prohibit this practice and that set up appropriate school board policies for dealing with lunch debt that do not humiliate or shame the child. Please call your Delegate ASAP and tell them to support this bill. Anyone can call the chair, whether or not you are his constituent.
Senator Barbara Favola (D-31)
If your Delegate is on the list below, call and say why you SUPPORT this bill.
Calls are best but if necessary email: (fill in your district)
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* Richard Bell (R20)
Mark Cole (R88)
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Gordon Helsel (R91)
Chris Collins (R29)
Roslyn Tyler (D75)
David Bulova (D37)
Lamont Bagby (D74)
Steve Landes (D25)
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