House Subcommittee 1 on Courts of Justice, to consider
Expungement of police and court records;
plea agreements
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Expungement of police and court records; plea agreements
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!! URGENT !! Call your Delegate and the Subcommittee Chair to urge them to SUPPORT SB608, a bill that would prohibit Commonwealth's Attorneys from offering plea deals that force defendants to waive their right to petition for expungement of their records.

Subcommittee hearing for SB608 is Monday February 19, at approximately 1 PM (30 minutes after the House adjourns). This bill has already passed the full Senate, and we need the House to follow. Please call your Delegate if they’re on the list below, or the Committee Chair, and urge them to support SB608.
This legislation would prohibit any plea deals that purport to waive, release, or extinguish the right of a person to file a petition requesting the expungement of police and court records.

Defendants facing a costly legal defense, and the risk of a serious sentence will often accept a plea deal for a lesser charge or sentence. Sometimes part of that plea deal is the requirement that they not petition to have their records expunged at some point in the future. This means that even after they've served their time, they will not be able to clear their records, even if later evidence exonerates them. We need to stop this practice!
Sen. Scott Surovell
If your Delegate is on the list below, call and say why you SUPPORT this bill.
Calls are best but if necessary email: (fill in your district)
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