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Automatic renewal offers
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Automatic renewal offers and continuous service offers
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Please call your Senators and/or the Chair of this Senate Committee and ask them to SUPPORT HB911. The Committee will hear the bill on Monday February 19 shortly after the Senate adjourns for the day.

This bill protects consumers like yourself from getting trapped in hard-to-cancel automatic renewal offers. The bill has already passed the House almost unanimously, so it's up to the Senate now.
This bill would protect consumers from getting trapped in automatic renewal offers, where their credit card is automatically charged every month until they cancel. It would require that the service-provider display the terms of the offer in a clear and conspicuous manner, would prohibit the provider from charging consumers without their consent, and would require a clear and retainable cancellation policy.

If you've ever accidentally gotten stuck paying month after month for something that you thought was a free trial month, and you couldn't figure out how to get out of the contract, this bill is for you, and you should call your representative ASAP today to ask them to support HB911.
Marcus Simon (D-53)
If your Senator is on the list below, call and say why you support these bills.
Look up your Senators at: Find your representatives here: whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov
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William M. Stanley, Jr.(R20)
Mark D. Obenshain (R­26)
* Frank W. Wagner (R7)
Richard H. Black (R13)
John A. Cosgrove, Jr. (R14)
L. Louise Lucas (D18)
Rosalyn R. Dance (D16)
A. Benton Chafin, Jr. (R38)
Richard H. Stuart (R28)
Stephen D. Newman (R23)
Richard L. Saslaw (D35)
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