House Committee on Commerce & Labor, SubCom 2
Employers' opt-out of providing Contraceptive Coverage
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Employers opt-out of providing Contraceptive Coverage
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!! URGENT !! Hearing for this bill is up this Tuesday 2/6 @ 7:30am !!
Call or Email your Delegate if they sit on this Subcommittee, OR the Chair who can be contacted by any Virginian, to tell them you support this bill and urge them to report HB631 out.

The hearing for this bill will be on Tuesday 2/6. You can also turn up to the hearing to make a statement in favor of this bill.
The purpose of this bill is to require an employer to report to the Bureau of Insurance if it does not provide contraceptive coverage to its employees due to the employer's religious beliefs or moral convictions.

The Trump Administration has issued new regulations that significantly broaden employers’ ability to be exempt from the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) contraceptive coverage requirement. The regulation opens the door for any employer or college/ university with a student health plan with objections to contraceptive coverage based on religious beliefs to qualify for an exemption. Any nonprofit or closely-held for-profit employer with moral objections to contraceptive coverage also qualifies for an exemption. Their female employees, dependents and students will no longer be entitled to coverage for the full range of FDA approved contraceptives at no cost.
Del. Kaye Kory (D38)
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