House Committee on ACNR, Subcommittee #4 to consider
Water & Rights Protection in Pipeline Constructions
Bill Numbers
HB1141, HB1188, HB1294
Water & Rights Protection in Pipeline Constructions
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!! URGENT !! Hearing for these 3 bills are up this Tuesday 2/6 @ 7:30am !!
Call or Email your Delegate if they're on the ACNR SubCommittee 4 and/or the Committee Chair to support HB1141, HB1188, and HB1294 which together provide critical protections to public health, safety, the environment and individual property rights in the planning for, construction and operation of natural gas pipelines.

Here is the link to ACNR SubCom 4. Click on "Agenda" to view which bills are up for hearing.

PLEASE consider attending the hearing to give a statement in support of the bills in person if you are able.
These bills give ordinary Virginians greater leverage to stand up to the powers that be where pipeline constructions are concern by way of legal provisions for water resource protection and property rights, as well as reinstating the SCC's rightful authority to keep public utilities in check.

HB 1141 authorizes the State Water Control Board to require water quality permits to protect rivers and groundwater during construction and operation of gas pipelines.

HB 1188 (a) makes illegal the discharge of gas from natural gas pipelines on lands, stormwater drains or state waters and (b) holds pipeline operators liable for the costs of cleanup and damages to natural resources. It requires pipeline operators to establish baseline groundwater data for properties in the right-of-way which enables regulators to detect when gas has been illegally discharged or leaked from a pipeline operation into rural water supplies.

HB 1294 requires a company that builds a natural gas pipeline to post a performance bond with the State Water Control Board, so that money is available to rectify adverse water quality problems created by the construction of a pipeline.
HB1141 & HB1294: Del. Sam Rasoul (patron) & Del. Chris Hurst; HB1188: Del. Chris Hurst (patron) & Del. Sam Rasoul
If your Delegate is on the list below, call and say why you oppose these resolutions! Or email: (fill in your district)
House Committee on ACNR, Subcommittee #4 (* Chair)
Member (Party/District)
* Robert D. Orrock, Sr. (R54)
Daniel Marshall, III (R14)
Tony Wilt (R26)
Mark Keam (D35)
Rip Sullivan (D48)
Barry D. Knight (R81)
Robert Bloxom (R100)
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