House Subcommittee #3 on Commerce & Labor to consider
State Corporation Commission - Intervenor Compensation
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SCC - Intervenor Compensation
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!! URGENT !! HB556 is up for SubCom hearing this Tuesday 2/6!!
Check the Agenda at this webpage for SubCom 3:

Call or Email your Delegate, or the Subcommittee Chair, to urge them to support HB556! This bill will help ordinary citizens be able to meet the financial costs of bringing their case before the SCC against the overwhelming resources of large public utilities, like Dominion.

!! SPECIAL REQUEST !! If you are based in the Richmond area, or are able to make it there for the Committee hearing, please consider appearing to make an in-person statement. It’s even better if you, or someone you know, have had direct personal experience with bringing a case before the SCC.
HB556 expands consumer protections, by providing intervenor compensation, in proceedings involving public utilities before the SCC.

This is how the NRDC funded their efforts in complex proceedings to establish Community Choice Aggregation. It allows non-profit intervenor groups to be compensated for their efforts on behalf of the public to work on energy issues with the State Commission Corporation.

This would allow groups like the Virginia Sierra Club and the Southern Environmental Law Center to respond along with Dominion and Appalachian in state regulatory issues.
Del. Danica Roem (HD13); Del. Sam Rasoul (HD11) (co-patron)
If your Delegate is on the list below, call and say why you oppose these resolutions! Or email: (fill in your district)
Subcommittee 3 - House Commerce & Labor (* Chair)
Member (Party/District)
* Isreal O'Quinn (R5)
Terry Kilgore (R1)
Gregory Habeeb (R8)
Daniel Marshall (R14)
Kathy Byron (R22)
Kaye Kory (D38)
Tim Hugo (R40)
Jeffrey Bourne (D71)
Stephen Heretick (D79)
Jeion Ward (D92)
Margaret Ransone (R99)
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