House Subcommittee 1 on Courts of Justice, to consider
Sanctuary policies;
enforcement of federal immigration laws
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Sanctuary policies; enforcement of federal immigration laws
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!! URGENT !! Call your Delegate and the Subcommittee Chair to strongly urge them to OPPOSE HB1257, a bill that would prohibit localities from establishing policies that restrict the enforcement of federal immigration law and would reduce funding to localities in violation of this.

Subcommittee hearing for HB1257 is Wednesday, January 31, at approximately 1 PM (30 minutes after the House adjourns). Call your Delegate if they’re on the list below, or the Committee Chair, and urge them to oppose HB1257 because it would violate the human and constitutional rights of our immigrant neighbors, put localities and the Commonwealth at legal risk, and undermine public safety.

Please consider attending the committee hearing on January 31, (House Room 3, The Capitol), to oppose HB1257 and a prohibition of sanctuary policies.
This legislation would prohibit localities from adopting policies that enhance community safety by creating positive relationships with immigrant communities.

Holding individuals without a judicial warrant raises Fourth Amendment concerns. Many courts around the country have found that holding a person past their release time in response to a detainer request from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is unconstitutional. If localities were compelled to adopt this practice, they would be violating a person’s constitutional rights and at legal risk (suit filed in Henrico County, 2017).

When local law enforcement, responsible for enforcing criminal law, participates in the enforcement of federal civil immigration law, it undermines trust of law enforcement and community policing because immigrants might be scared to report crimes as victims or witnesses. A University of Illinois study found that 45 percent of immigrants, documented and undocumented, were less likely to report a crime as a result of increased involvement of local police in immigration enforcement.

This legislation would impose an unfunded mandate on localities to provide resources to the federal government to carry out enforcement of civil immigration laws.

This legislation further stigmatizes our immigrant neighbors and, if enacted, would make them more vulnerable as targets of crime.
Del. Benjamin L. Cline (R24)
If your Delegate is on the list below, call and say why you oppose these resolutions! Or email: (fill in your district)
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Benjamin L. Cline (R24)
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