House Subcommittee #2 on Education to consider
Erin's Law
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Family life education; child sexual abuse.
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!! Urgent !! Hearing on this bill is most likely on Wednesday morning 1/31. Call to urge your Delegate, the Committee Chair, and Committee Members especially Republicans to SUPPORT this bill. If you can’t get through by phone, leave voicemail and/or email.

Additionally, although this might be difficult, if you have a personal story to tell related to this, please consider testifying in person in Richmond (confirm the date on the agenda here). It would be enormously helpful in bringing attention to this bill and putting pressure on the Delegates to report this to the full committee.
This bill by freshman Debra Rodman would require Family Life Education to include instruction in the prevention, recognition, and awareness of child abduction, child abuse, child sexual exploitation, and child sexual abuse. This bill, enacted in many other states, is known as Erin's Law.

Erin Merryn is the founder of Erin's Law. After surviving rape by an uncle from ages 6-8 and incest by an older cousin from ages 11-13, she has been committed to making sure every state in the country has laws to protect children from sexual abuse.

Every six minutes a child is sexually abused in the U.S. One in every 4 girls and 6 boys will be sexually assaulted before they turn 18 – over 90% by a family member or friend. But only 1 in every 10 sexually abused children ever tell anyone about it. Erin's Law would teach children to tell a trusted adult if ANYONE touches their private parts.
Debra Rodman and Eileen Filler-Corn
If your Delegate is on the list below, call and say why you oppose these resolutions! Or email: (fill in your district)
Subcommittee 3 - House Commerce & Labor (* Chair)
Member (Party/District)
* Brenda Pogge (R96)
Roxann L. Robinson (R27)
Jay Leftwich (R78)
Glenn Davis (R84)
Dave A. LaRock (R33)
John J. McGuire (R56)
Jeffrey Bourne (D71)
Jennifer Boysko (D86)
Chris Hurst (D12)
Cheryl Turpin (D85)
Steve Landes (R25)
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