House Subcommittee #3 on Commerce & Labor to consider
RE & Electric Utility Regulation Bills
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RE & Electric Utility Regulation Bills
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!! Urgent !! Many, many, impactful renewable energy and electric utility regulation bills are up for hearing in the House Commerce & Labor Subcommittee 3 this Tuesday 1/30. See all bills here

Call or email your own Delegate if he/she sits on this Subcommittee, and also call the Chair of the Subcommittee even if he/she isn’t your Delegate. OR if you are able to go make a statement in-person in support of RE, please do!

This is our big chance to make our case for why this is so important for all Virginians. Tell them you want these important bills that promote residential solar, community solar and strong mandates for solar and wind in the state reported out of committee for the Assembly to vote on.
These bills will lay the foundation for VA to move towards a 100% renewable energy economy eventually. Aside from the environmental & climate imperative, these will lead to economic growth and job creation in VA. A booming VA economy will increase the tax revenue base that we need to fund public services such as schools, healthcare, mass transit, and more. But we need to get the ball rolling now!

Some of the particularly noteworthy bills up for hearing are:

HB436 -- Mandatory Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) -- this will enable the SCC to require Dominion to actually invest in increasing RE capacity in-state. Currently VA only has voluntary RPS.

HB930, 978, 1060, 1253, 1155, 1451 -- Net Energy Metering -- allows homeowners and other entities who invest in solarization to sell the excess energy they produce back into the electrical grid at retail price.

HB1273 -- Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (cap & trade) bill!! The Senate version was killed last week, so this is our 2nd & final chance to get this one passed during this legislative session. This is a high priority for Governor Northam. Putting a price on carbon creates market incentives for polluters to seek ways to avoid paying the fees by reducing their carbon emissions such as investing in energy efficiency or renewables.

HB 421, 586, 1590 -- Community choice aggregation -- allows individual consumers to band together thereby increasing their purchasing power as a group. Helps them negotiate a better deal to source renewables as a result of economies of scale.

HB1490 -- Fossil Fuel projects moratorium. The environmental community is extremely excited about this bill! It would mean Dominion can’t come up with anymore pipeline projects or other projects that would be investing in fossil fuel as an energy source.
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If your Delegate is on the list below, call and say why you oppose these resolutions! Or email: (fill in your district)
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* Isreal O'Quinn (R5)
Terry Kilgore (R1)
Gregory Habeeb (R8)
Daniel Marshall (R14)
Kathy Byron (R22)
Kaye Kory (D38)
Tim Hugo (R40)
Jeffrey Bourne (D71)
Stephen Heretick (D79)
Jeion Ward (D92)
Margaret Ransone (R99)
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