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Electric Utility Regulation; Grid Modernization
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Electric Utility Regulation; Grid Modernization
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The Senate has already passed their version of this bill (SB967). Now HB1558 will be going to the House floor on Monday 2/12, right before the crossover on Tuesday.

We need to inundate their phones / inbox and show them that we're paying attention and strongly oppose the passing of this bill that essentially authorizes the continued fleecing of Virginians. If they're going to vote for this bill they will be doing so with the full awareness of the massive public opposition. Dominion lawyers wrote this bill, not our legislators--Dominion's undue power and influence over the VA General Assembly must be stopped!

Also, be on the lookout for surveys about the bill that some Delegates are sending out this weekend. Please take them if you can. They're worded with some bias, but you should be able to get your point across.
Update on the current, amended, version of the "Dominion" bill HB1558:
1. No full Refund - the amount was increased to $200 million, which is still far less than the near $1 billion Dominion made in excess earnings since 2015 rate freeze AND going forward if Dominion makes excess earnings again the SCC cannot make it refund customers more than a max. of $50 million; 2. Double Dipping - Dominion claims it plans to invest the over earnings they keep into renewable energy, energy efficiencies & grid modernization. However, it will then charge customers AGAIN by increasing the rate base for making this same investment.

In short, even with amendments, this bill still scams Virginians and does not restore the SCC's full oversight authority. The rate review period will still be every 3 yrs as laid out in the initial version of the bill (it was biennial before the rate freeze went into effect).

Legislators sponsoring these bills received campaign contributions from Dominion. According to VPAP, Saslaw is Dominion’s top recipient - $328.008; Kilgore is # 2 - $171,391; and Wagner has accepted $97,235. While Bagby and Plum have received lesser amounts, according to the Richmond Times Dispatch, Dominion CEO and Dominion’s charitable arm gave over $100,000 to the non-profit that employs Bagby. How can we trust them to fight for our interests over Dominion's?
HB 1558 - Del. Kilgore (Patron), Del. Bagby, & Del. Plum
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