House Committee on Rules to consider
Equal Rights Amendment
Bill Numbers
HJ 2, 4, 129
United States Constitution; Equal Rights Amendment
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Call your legislators and urge them to support HJ 2, 4 & 129! These are great resolutions with bipartisan support. It’s time for Virginia to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. It has been ratified by 36 states, including Nevada just last year. This resolution advocates that the General Assembly ratify the ERA. Now is the time for equal rights for women!
Only two more states are needed to ratify; Virginia could be one of them. The bills ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment are already gaining bipartisan support. In fact, Republican Delegate Roxann Robinson has filed a House bill and John McGuire is a co-patron. Expanding this to a bipartisan majority will give the General Assembly national accolades for its leadership during these contentious times.

The ERA will give Congress greater Constitutional authority to enact legislation to protect women. Without this, legislation protecting women could be invalidated, as happened in 2000, when the Supreme Court struck down the civil remedy provision of the Violence Against Women Act.

Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment is good politics for Virginia, especially now when national attention is focused on women’s issues and technology companies are looking to locate in welcoming sites in the Southeast. Ratifying the ERA would attract such companies to Virginia.

For additional talking points:
HJ 2: Kaye Kory; chief co-patrons Eileen Filler-Corn; Jennifer Carroll Foy; Hala Ayala; HJ 4: Alfonso Lopez; HJ 129: Roxanne Robinson; chief co-patron Kaye Kory
If your Delegate is on the list below, call and say why you support these resolutions! Or email: (fill in your district)
House Committee on Rules (* Chair, ** VC)
Member (Party/District)
* Kirk Cox (R66)
** Todd Gilbert (R15)
Terry Kilgore (R1)
Gregory Habeeb (R8)
Terry Austin (R19)
Steven Landes (R25)
Ken Plum (D36)
Luke Torian (D52)
Robert Orrock (R54)
David Toscano (D57)
Riley Ingram (R62)
Lee R. Ware (R65)
Betsy Carr (D69)
Lamont Bagby (D74)
Chris Jones (R76)
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