House Committee on Rules to consider
Campaign finance; prohibited personal use, penalty
Bill Numbers
HB5 and HB7
Campaign finance; prohibited personal use, penalty
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Please call the members of House Rules Committee, and tell them that you support this bill and request that they report this bill for a full floor vote.

Also please call Speaker Cox directly and tell him to keep his promise and report the campaign finance reform bills out of Rules.

If you can’t get through by phone, leave voicemail and/or email.
Currently, Virginia is one of the few states that allows politicians to draw from campaign funds for personal use. While most do not take advantage of this loophole, some do, charging expensive meals, hotel stays, rental cars and more to their campaign. This bill would close this loophole.

Although Delegate Simon has submitted this bill before, and it was killed in subcommittee, this bill (or an identical one with a Republican sponsor) has bipartisan support. In fact, Ed Gillespie held a rally last year, with Speaker Cox and former Speaker Howell standing by his side, where he proposed this exact same ban on personal use of campaign funds. Speaker Cox needs to stand by his promise to tackle this ethics reform, and report this bill out of the Rules Committee.
Marcus Simon (D53)
If your Delegate is on the list below, call and say why you support these resolutions! Or email: (fill in your district)
House Committee on Rules (* Chair, ** VC)
Member (Party/District)
* Kirk Cox (R66)
** Todd Gilbert (R15)
Terry Kilgore (R1)
Gregory Habeeb (R8)
Terry Austin (R19)
Steven Landes (R25)
Ken Plum (D36)
Luke Torian (D52)
Robert Orrock (R54)
David Toscano (D57)
Riley Ingram (R62)
Lee R. Ware (R65)
Betsy Carr (D69)
Lamont Bagby (D74)
Chris Jones (R76)
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