The Senate Committee on Rules is considering calling for a
Constitutional Convention
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Resolution Numbers
SJ11, SJ26, and related resolution SJ31
United States Constitution: amendment concerning federal budget
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The resolutions would have Virginia join other states in calling for a U.S. Constitutional Convention to propose a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

However, a Constitutional Convention opens a Pandora's box that could re-write important protections in our US Constitution.
When a simulated Constitutional Convention was held last year, other amendments were also "adopted.” See

A real convention would endanger the checks and balances in our Constitution, and rights and liberties currently protected. Our legislators should not open the door to less freedom of speech or assembly, less religious freedom, or more.
SJ11: John A. Cosgrove, Jr. - SJ26: Emmett W. Hanger, Jr. - SJ31: Mark J. Peake
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Senate Committee on Rules
Member (Party/District)
Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R3)
Ryan T. McDougle (R4)
Emmett W. Hanger, Jr. (R­24)
Stephen Newman (R­23)
Frank Ruff (R­15)
Mark D. Obenshain (R­26)
Frank W. Wagner (R7)
Mamie E. Locke (D2)
Bryce E. Reeves (R17)
William M. Stanley, Jr. (R20)
Jill Holtzman Vogel (R27)
Richard H. Stuart (R28)
Janet D. Howell (D32)
Richard L. Saslaw (D35)
Charles W. Carrico, Sr. (R40)
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